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The smartest fastest notifications, pilot-level data, and clean refreshing design

See how Flighty soars miles above the competition

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Unbeatable Push Notifications

The fastest and totally unfiltered

Our end-to-end push infrastructure delivers the fastest notifications around the globe in seconds. No marketing spin or gate agent between you and the truth.

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Predict Delays

The only app that monitors the top causes of delays

We monitor your inbound plane for 25-hours prior to your flight – #1 cause of delays. Next we monitor any FAA Mandated Delays – #2 cause of delays (US only).

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Power and Clarity

Built for one-handed use

When was the last time you had a free hand, or extra time, or zero stress at the airport? Exactly. That’s why Flighty is built for fast access, minimal navigation, and extreme clarity.

What Users are Saying

WOW. Truly phenomenal

David Pogue,

I love the notifications. I trust them unlike the airline apps.

CK Doma,
Frequent Flyer

It’s way better than I ever imagined!

Martin Hojny,
Frequent Flyer

Faster than airline apps, TripIt, AND airport boards!

Elijah Nicolas,

Flighty’s Crew

Independently developed by 4 flight nerds

Florian Bürger


Francesc Bruguera


Ryan Jones


Verena Ortlieb


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Pilot-level data. The smartest and fastest notifications.
Clean refreshing design.

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